A Slice Of Life

Mike Color

A Vibrant Life is a healthy life and that is a part of what this edition of Kaufman County Life magazine is all about.

Please check out the Vibrant Life section for healthy, helpful tips from folks right here in your communities. These healthcare providers are here to help you by providing services that, at the extreme, may mean the difference between life and death; and at the least, may help put a little extra spring into your step.

Cover Feature

Our cover story is a feature by freelance writer Jenice Johnson on Scott and Charlotte Gilmore. The couple is known in Forney and Terrell for the Housewarmers service they provide in welcoming new residents to the cities.

In Terrell and much of the surrounding area they are better know as the owners of Shall We Dance, a studio where they teach a variety of classic ballroom dance techniques.

While many couples reaching their 70s and 80s focus on slowing down their pace the Gilmores are moving full speed ahead. I think you will find Jenice’s feature revealing about the couple’s past that includes service as a missionary in Thailand and as an Air Force intercept-processing specialist during the Cold War.

Character Counts

Max Slayton is a quiet, unassuming man who has a servant’s heart, according to co-worker Veronica Wilkerson at Anderson Clayton Bros. Funeral Home. Max is featured in this edition’s “Character Counts” feature.

His story shows how sometimes life sends us on an entirely different pathway than we planned or ever expected. Max grew up in Terrell and entered the family’s carpet business as a young man. While he volunteered with the local fire department for years he never imagined a late-life career in the funeral home business.

But with his sincere level of compassion, Veronica says he is a natural for helping area families navigate through what are often their darkest days as they plan services to celebrate the life of a deceased family member.

KCL Charm Feature

Kaufman businesswoman Rosa Lee Foster has met the challenges that a failing heart can give. Jenice Johnson shares Rosa Lee’s story in our KCL Charm section.

Rosa Lee was told about a year ago that half her heart stopped working and the other half was functioning at only 30 percent of capacity. Then in January, another curve ball came her way when she went into atrial fibrillation. I think you’ll find Rosa’s story inspiring.

Cook’s Corner

Kaufman resident and chef Kyle Glasscock is featured in this month’s Cook’s Corner. His love of cooking and getting creative in the kitchen took him to chef school and a career of cooking for others on a professional basis. Kyle shares tips that he has learned from years of experience and also passes along a recipe for a dish that can be prepared at home in about 25 minutes while serving as wholesome, healthy meal.

 — Mike Elswick, Publisher